Sharing ( A short Appa story )

We originally published some of this in 2006. I got another good one floating around here somewhere that I’ll post soon.

    Appa the Dancing Elephant is a Joyful, POSITIVE expression for a friendly, limitless and expanding community . What do YOU feel when you see her dance?

    Somewhere someone most likely came up to you and shared a happy yellow elephant sticker with you with a smile on their face (and,hopefully, yours too).  We all have enjoyed passing them out on the playa, in the parks,or at festivals for years now . 

It’s a good way to have fun with our new friends     

Appa was born long ago in India, and later  in Haight Ashbury,  the  Lower East Side ,Black Rock City, and truly worldwide ever since. It’s still remarkable to me how far she’s gotten.

... spreading Appa, spreading  joy, and seeing how much fun we can have doing it.

“More Smiles per mile@!!”

‘All of us working together, to make each other Shine,”

I feel blessed to have been a part of this,

Perry Sunshine and the Appa Family

San Francisco 2006